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Check Out My Tools!

Calm down, these are software tools and are probably all G Rated!

This is a quick and breezy introduction to the tools that I use regularly. It does not cover any of these tools in depth, it is intended as a glimpse into my toolbag to give you ideas, not a deep dive into using any or all of the tools I use regularly. This is a quicker, more light-hearted overview of a previous presentation titled Tips, Toys, and Tricks.

A few of these tools are purchased. A handful are services which vary in cost from free to OMG. The majority of the tools in this presentation are freeware or shareware (where you contribute if you like a product, especially if you want more features).

Depending on time, we may explore some tools in more depth after the presentation. If you have tools that interest you, feel free to ask about them in the Q&A.

Pat Phelan

Pat Phelan joined a user group (DECUS) in High School, and many more since then. Pat was paid for his first program before he got his driver’s license. After many jobs (with some great stories) in High School and College, Pat worked over twenty years for a major accounting firm. Pat started working for Involta in 2007 and is now the database mentor and a member of the Engineering team. Involta builds, owns and operates world class colocation datacenters and provides managed services and support staff to clients.

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