2-21-2024Kevin KlineHow to Troubleshoot SQL Server CPU Problems
1-10-2024Monica RathbunMastering TempDB
12-13-2023Ed PollackParameter Sniffing: Everything You Have Been Told is Wrong!
11-1-2023Dave BlandPowerShell for Beginners
10-11-2023Steve WakeOpenAI in Azure Synapse
9-20-2023Dave BlandCompleting a Performance Assessment and Creating
a Monitoring Tool using SSMS, SSRS and just a hint of PowerShell
8-9-2023Chris HydeThe Fabric Of Our Lives
7-12-2023Brandon LeachA DBA’s Guide to the Proper Handling of Corruption
6-14-2023Frank GillAutomatically Restore Availability Group Databases Using DBATools
5-10-2023David KleeAzure SQL Storage Performance Tuning
4-12-2023Pat PhelanAsk Me Anything Discussion
3-15-2023Ben DeBowAnything But: Troubleshooting When it’s Not SQL Server
2-15-2023Ed Leighton-DickSQL Server Authentication and Authorization In-Depth
1-11-2023David Klee10 Cloudy Questions to Ask Before Migrating Your SQL Server
12-7-2022Ed Leighton-DickReview of PASS Summit 2022
11-9-2022Andy YunA Query Tuner’s Practical Guide to Statistics
10-12-2022H. Ross ReedDBATools: Migrating Database Servers
9-14-2022Bradley BallDevOps & CI/CD for Azure Synapse Analytics
8-17-2022Deborah MelkinA Practical Starter Guide to SQL Notebooks
7-13-2022Pat PhelanCheck Out My Tools!
3-9-2022Bob Ward (recording)Introducing SQL Server 2022
2-9-2022Deepthi GoguriSo, you want to become a Cloud DBA?
12-21-2021David KleeVirtualization Performance Tuning
11-17-2021Frank GillBackup Options in Azure
10-13-2021Ed Leighton-DickSQL Server Lockdown: Options for High Security Scenarios
9-15-2021David BlandIntroduction to Azure Data Studio
8-11-2021Pat PhelanSQL and Authentication and Permissions, Oh My!
7-14-2021H. Ross ReedSQL Server on AWS RDS The Other Cloud Alternative
6-9-2021Peter ShoreSecrets of the Plan Cache
5-12-2021Randolph WestBack to the future with Temporal Tables
4-14-2021Jean JosephIntro to Azure Synapse Analytics
03-10-2021Tracy BoggianoSQL Server Configuration
with dbatools and dbachecks
02-10-2021Ben MillerAdvanced PowerShell for the DBA 1
02-08-2021 Des Moines

Advanced PowerShell for the DBA 2
02-09-2021 I-380

Advanced PowerShell for the DBA 3
02-10-2021 Quad Cities
01-13-2020Deepthi GoguriUnderstanding Statistics in
SQL Server
12-09-2020Chris HydePython in SQL Server 2017 and 2019
11-18-2020Pat PhelanShow and Tell from
Virtual Summit 2020
10-14-2020Taiob AliNew features in Management Studio –
Performance Troubleshooting made
09-09-2020Ed WatsonTaking Power BI to the Next Level
08-12-2020David BlandHow to do a Complete Server
07-21-2020Andrea Mascher &
Sara Mascher
SELECT Question, Answer FROM
Diversity.Inclusion WHERE
AfraidToAsk = 1
07-15-2020Cory HamrickAWS vs Azure: What’s the Difference
for a DBA
06-10-2020Erik DarlingBetter Troubleshooting Through
Extended Events
05-13-2020David KleeAl Things SQL in the Microsoft Cloud
04-15-2020Magnus AhlkvistMy romantic relation with Powershell
generally and DBATools especially
03-11-2020Tim RadneyAzure Data Security
02-19-2020Ed Leighton-DickCapturing SQL Server Activity with
SQL Server Audit
01-15-2020Erin StellatoReplacing Profiler with Extended
12-11-2019Pat PhelanSocial / PASS Summit Recap
11-13-2019Dan GuzmanIntroduction to Database Containers
10-09-2019Kevin KlineQuery Tuning Internals for the
Advanced SQL Developer
09-09-2019David BlandIs my Server Suffering from Memory
08-14-2019Juan SotoOptimizing Microsoft Access with
SQL Server
07-10-2019Ryan AdamsHow Active Directory Affects
SQL Server
06-12-2019David KleeLevel Up Your Cloud Infrastructure
05-15-2019Deborah MelkinLooking “Normal” and Seeing “Stars”:
Table Designs Working Together
04-17-2019Meagan LongoriaCreating Accessible Power BI Reports:
Challenges & Opportunties
03-13-2019Tim RadneyIntroduction to Azure Managed
02-13-2019Glenn BerryDr. DMV’s Troubleshooting Toolkit
01-09-2019Andrew J. KellyGetting your Daily Debrief
12-12-2018Pat PhelanDiscussion of PASS Summit 2018
11-14-2018Allen WhiteMaintain SQL Server Performance
Baseline with PowerShell
10-10-2018Frank GillTransaction Log for Developers
09-12-2018Dave BlandSQL Server Extended Events
08-15-2018Ed Leighton-DickDammit Jim! Dr McCoy’s Field Guide
to system_health (and the default
07-11-2018Kathi KellenbergerAzure Machine Learning 101
06-13-2018Pat PhelanOptimizing SQL Server
Performance 101
05-09-2018Ben MillerTips and Tricks for the
PowerShell DBA
04-11-2018Ed Leighton-DickHow to Keep Your Databases Secure
in Just Minutes a Day
03-14-2018Glenn BerryMigrating to SQL Server 2017
02-21-2018Pat PhelanHow did you get in there, and who
said you could do that?
01-10-2018Tim RadneyUnderstanding SQL Server Backup
and Restore
12-13-2017QCPASSCelebrate The 2017 Holiday Season
With Quad Cities PASS
11-15-2017David KleeLinux for the SQL Server
10-18-2017Pat PhelanNetwork and learn about In Memory
09-13-2017Pat PhelanLearn about “Helper tables” and CTEs
08-09-2017John MorehouseOnly You Can Prevent Database Fires!
07-12-2017Andy YunExploring Why UDFs & Nested Views
Hinder the Query Optimizer
06-14-2017David TholeIntermediate R – Shiny, Working with
SQL Server, and Docker
05-10-2017John EisbrenerIndex 360 – Looking at Indexes from
Multiple Perspectives
04-12-2017Ed Leighton-DickDevOps+Data: Working with Source
03-15-2017Pat PhelanEthics, Morals, and Laws 101
for the DBA
02-15-2017Jonathan KehayiasDeadlocking for Mere Mortals
01-11-2017Tim RadneyAzure SQL Database for the
Production DBA
12-14-2016Mark VaillancourtAzure SQL Database Elastic Boogie
11-09-2016John ManzellaAccelerating DevOps Using Data
10-12-2016Chuck HeiberSQL Server Tips and Tricks
from a lazy DBA
09-14-2016Scott ShawHive 2.0: ACID and sub-second
SQL latency with LLAP
How SQL and Microsoft environment
can be optimized and maximized
with their holistic solution
07-13-2016Tonio LoraBig Data Analytics with HDInsight
06-15-2016Kevin BolesCommon TSQL Mistakes
05-11-2016Pat Phelan
Denise Horner
Building a Data Warehouse
for the DBA
04-13-2016Andrew MauchA Web-Based Governed Data
Discovery and Analytics Platform
03-09-2016Anthony CounsellSQL 2016, SQL 2016 on Linus, and
SQL 2016 on Azure
03-09-2016Mike RichardsonSQL 2016 analytics, cloud federation,
and the implications for infrastructure
02-10-2016Jen McCownEffortless Backup with Minion Backup
01-13-2016David KleeObjective SQL Server Performance
12-09-2015Wendy PastrickTransactional Replication 101
11-11-2015Denise HornerMy First PASS Summit Discussion
10-14-2015Doug LaneSQL Murder Mystery Hour: Living
and Dying by Dynamic SQL
09-15-2015Pat PhelanData Center Tour and Presentation
08-12-2015Pat PhelanPowerShell for the Reluctant
07-15-2015Tim RadneyCommon SQL Server Mistakes and
How to Avoid Them
06-10-2015Pat PhelanData Architecture 101
05-13-2015Rob LongBuilding Metadata Driven ETL
Solutions with BIML
04-14-2015C. Elliott Whitlow IIGetting Started with Microsoft Azure
03-11-2015Mark GarnerPower BI and Azure Machine Learning
02-11-2015Ed Leighton-DickProtecting Your Data with Encryption
01-21-2015Michelle UffordResistance is Futile: What You Need
To Know About Big Data
12-11-2014Eric SeljeStealing Home (Depot) f/k/a Don’t
Be a Target!
12-11-2014Ed Leighton-DickComputer Science Education Week
11-12-2014Ed Leighton-DickSQL Server Features That Will Blow
You Mind!
10-15-2014Mitchel SellersManaging Database Change for
you Organization
09-10-2014Russ AllenDivide and Conquer – Creating and
Managing Partitioned Tables and
Indexes in SQL Server
08-13-2014Jes BorlandWhat’s Coming in SQL Server 2014?
07-09-2014Mike ColeGoing The Extra Mile with
Entity Framework Code First
06-11-2014Larry Toothman
Dave Tigges
That’s Not My Job Description:
The Accidental Developer
05-14-2014Pat PhelanInvolta’s Tier 3 Data Center Tour
& Presentation
04-09-2014Steve PiatakData Transformation – Tips and
Tricks Learned Along the Way
03-12-2014Mike LebbenBI Agility AND Enterprise Security
with SQL Server
and Pyramid Analytics…
“How to make everybody happy!”
02-12-2014Frank GillDesigning a Restore Strategy
01-15-2014Larry ToothmanYesterday I couldn’t even spell ‘DBA’,
now I am one. Help!
12-11-2013David KleeSqueezing Top Performance from
Your Virtualized SQL Servers
11-13-2013C. Elliott Whitlow IISQL Synonyms as Database Boundary
Objects or Synonyms, Your Friend
in Obscure Places
10-09-2013Bradley DeemBeing Exceptional in Uncertain Times
09-11-2013Michelle UffordPowerShell for Beginners
08-14-2013Michel SellersSource Controlling Your Database
07-10-2013Dave DuVarneyOverview of SSIS 2012 Deployment
06-12-2013Kathi KellenbergerT-SQL Analytic Functions
05-15-2013Janis GriffinExtend Your Knowledge
with Extended Events!
Thank you Confio Performance Hog for visiting Davenport, IA!
Our databases perform better since your visit!
04-10-2013Brian DuhnThree 20 Minutes Sessions –
MCT & You, Log It or Leave It, Tool Talk
03-13-2013Adam SalvoMicrosoft Azure & SQL Azure
03-13-2013Jennifer SalvoGetting Started with SSAS Tabular Cubes
02-13-2013Russ AllenLessons Learned by the University of Iowa
01-09-2013Ed Leighton-DickPractically Normal
12-12-2012Ted KruegerMake Me a Query Tuning Believer
12-12-2012Puneet MalhotraIntro to PowerShell
11-14-2012Grant FritcheyWhat to Look for in Execution Plans
10-10-2012Kevin Kline #2SQL Server Internals & Architecture
10-10-2012Kevin Kline #1Top 10 Things DBAs Want Developers To Know
09-12-2012Michelle Ufford
Jessica Moss
SSIS Design Patterns for Fun and Profit
08-15-2012Jason StrateChoosing Your Clustered Index
07-11-2012Jes BorlandMaking Your Voice Heard!
06-13-2012Scott ShawNew T-SQL Features in SQL 2012
05-09-2012Joe WebbWriting Better Queries
04-11-2012Mark GarnerSome New Features of SQL 2012